About the company CTR group a.s.

CTR group is a strong and stable investment company with more than 35 years of history. The company has a broad experience in three business branches – production and distribution of building materials, business aviation and real estate development and management. CTR group and its associated companies are active not only in Czech Republic, but also in Germany, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The headquarters of Real Estate Division is located in Prague. The company employs a stable team of highly skilled specialists in various branches such as architects, planners, designers, construction engineers and many others.

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Since 1982, when the company started developing its real estate projects, many of them have been already completed including besides new residential buildings also office and mixed-use projects. Real estate development activities of CTR group are currently spread across five key locations – Prague (Czech Republic), Kosice and Bratislava (Slovakia), Dresden and Regensburg (Germany).


In Prague, the company realizes several projects in different stages of implementation. In 2016, a project of 140 apartments and commercial units Atrium Kobylisy in Prague 8 has been completed, in close proximity to the metro station. The construction of another residential project in Prague 3 Panorama Pražačka (26 apartments) ended in January 2018. This exclusive project neighboring a large park offers a magnificent panoramic view of Prague. Another project in attractive location of the wider city center – Viktoria Center (199 apartments) with office and retail premises in Prague 3 is currently under preparation.


Albertov Rental Apartments, a unique project of serviced rental apartments, was built in 2008 and since then is being successfully run by CTR group. The project consists of 269 furnished luxurious apartments in the very centre of Prague, designed for long-term and short-term letting. The entire compound is complemented by a vineyard, restaurant, café, supermarket, bank and several other shops. With this extent and concept, Albertov Rental Apartments has no relevant competition not only in Prague but in the whole Czech Republic.


In Dresden in Germany, three major projects are currently being implemented. The Residenz am Zwinger is a project completed in 2016 and located in the vicinity of the famous Zwinger gallery. It has 189 apartments in total, of which 103 are furnished and used for mid-term and short-term petting and the remaining 86 were sold. The Haus Merkur I (62 apartments) in the very centre of Dresden next to the Altmarkt Galerie was completed at the end of 2016. A construction of the second phase called Boulevard am Wall I (117 apartments with retail premises) will be finished in first quarter of 2019 and the last phase Boulevard am Wall II (170 apartments with retail premises) will be completed one year later. All phases of this project are implemented in cooperation with our partner Baywobau Dresden and all stages were sold to one investor – a German real estate fund Patrizia.
Another project implemented in Germany is Marina Apartments in Regensburg. A project of 79 rental apartments and a fine restaurant is just being finished in the city centre near the Danube River. This project will extend the company´s portfolio of furnished rental apartments.


In 2010, an exceptional office complex Business Centre Košice I and II in Kosice (Slovakia) with a total commercial area of 18 000 m2 was completed. The project is constantly almost fully leased and in Autumn 2017, the construction of its 3rd phase started. This phase contains more than 10 000 m2 of commercial area and 151 rental apartments.


In the second half of 2018, a large residential project and one of the most commercially successful development in Slovak history was completed. The Rezidencia pri radnici with 359 apartments and commercial premises for sale is located in the centre of Kosice. Another large residential project in a wider center, Rezidencia Albelli with 299 apartments and retail spaces, is currently in preparation. In Slovakia´s capital Bratislava, we´re also preparing a residential project Karloveske terasy.

New apartments in Prague 3 for sale - Panorama Pražačka New apartments for rent in the center of Dresden - Residenz am Zwinger New apartments for sale in the center of Košice - Rezidencia pri radnici New apartments for sale in Prague 3 - project Viktoria  Center New apartments in Dresden for sale - Haus Merkur

Atmospherica Aviation

The associated companies of CTR group are active not only in the field of real estate development but also in other business branches. Department of business aviation of the CTR group provides private and commercial air traffic services. Aircrafts are also used for the needs of CTR group’s employees. The company operates six private jets – Challenger 300 (Super Mid-Size Jet category), Hawker 900XP (Mid-Size Jet category), Embraer Phenom 300 (Super-Light Jet category) and Cessna Citation Mustang (Light Jet category). CTR group a.s. holds an Air Operator’s Certificate No CZ-64 as well as the operational specifications for all aircrafts in its fleet.


ZEOCEM, a.s. is a dynamically developing company with 60-year experience in the processing of natural materials. The main production programme is currently mining and processing of natural zeolite and manufacture of products based on natural zeolite. Gradually transferring from the production of building materials, the company has become one of the leading producers of zeolite products in Europe.


The main activity of DTG Optimus Kft. is purchase, packing, palletizing and distribution of cement as well as sales and distribution of insulation and building materials. DTG Optimus has a leading position in sales of packaged cement in Hungary. The company distributes insulation and building materials in the vicinity of Debrecen. Founded in 2005, the company started its business in 2006. Since 2009, DTG Optimus has been active in sales of cement. The company is based in Debrecen, Eastern Hungary.